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Modern Materials for Today's Busy Families

Bring new meaning and beauty to any kitchen with Solid Surface’s broad array of colors and patterns. Timeless colorations, styles, and function are joined with superior craftsmanship to produce a marvelous kitchen solution.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Solid Surface provides highly functional, and low maintenance materials that lead to an endless range of design possibilities. Everything from entryways to counters, from checkout counters to walls, fixtures, shelves, displays and, yes, even the restrooms, a store’s interior can be decked out with a chic, alluring interior.

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Because Your Patients Depend On You

Ask any healthcare service provider, hospital, clinic, doctor’s office or dental facility about their top concerns, and the resounding response is providing comfort, care and wellbeing to their patients, healthcare workers and visitors. By including Solid Surface in the equation, the goal of providing top-notch healthcare service can be more easily reached.

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Keeping Schools Cleaner, Healthier And Safer

The high traffic settings of schools, educational facilities and academic institutions require a blend of innovative architecture combined with the ease of sustainability. Solid Surface is a champion performer in all aspects of durability, functionality, cleanliness and safety to make educational environments more straightforward.